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No.3 1/R.G./2013.                                                                      Bilaspur, dated 4th September, 2013.

       Sealed Quotations are invited from the intending firms having valid VAT/TIN,OST/CST and PAN for purchase of 50 nos. of Laser Printers and 50 nos. of Wep Dot Matrix Printers the required printer which should compatible in open source operating systems. Preferably in Ubuntu 12.04 provided by ecourt project. Necessary quotations must be submitted to the Registrar General either personally or through authorized agents on or before 20/09/2013 at 12:00 Noon which will be opened at 1 pm on the same day in presence of the Quotationers or their representatives. after the specified date will not be taken Quotations received into consideration and the undersigned reserves every right of rejecting any Quotation without assigning any reason thereof. Necessary information as to whether the total price for purchase of 50 nos. of Laser Printers and 50 nos. Of, Wep Dot Matrix Printers will be inclusive or exclusive of service tax and other incidental charges, if any, should be furnished with the Quotations.


(Ashok Kumar Panda)

Registrar General