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Rules Amendments
Rules for Live Streaming of Court proceedings of the High Court & sub-ordinate Courts of Chhattisgarh, 2022.

Practice Directions.
Directions for Dealing with suits and execution proceedings.
Regarding procedure for change in the name of female Judicial Officers necessitated on account of marriage.
e-filing Rules, 2020
(a) No. 6894/Rules/2021 dt. 16/07/21
Rules for Video Conferencing for Courts of the Chhattisgarh State, Bilaspur Dated 27.06.2020
(a) No. 6892/Rules/2021 dt. 16/07/21
High Court of Chhattisgarh (Designation of senior Advocate) Rules, 2018. (a) No. 8100/Rules/2022 Bilaspur dt. 04/07/2022
The Chhattisgarh High Court Services (Annual Confidential Report) Rules, 2018.
Chhattisgarh High CourtServices (Appointment, Conditions of Service and Conduct) Rules, 2017
(a) No. 110(Mis.)/ Bilaspur dt. 09/10/2020
(b) No. 109(Mis.)/ Bilaspur dt. 09/10/2020
(c) No. 107(Mis.)/ Bilaspur dt. 05/10/2020
(d) No. 130(Mis.)/ Bilaspur dt. 26/09/2022
(e) No. 142(Mis.)/ Bilaspur dt. 11/11/2022
The Chhattisgarh Court Services of Processes by Courier, Fax and Electronic Mail Service (Civil Proceedings) Rules, 2017.
Circular No. 6056/Rules/2017 dt. 18/07/17
The Chhattisgarh Labour Judicial Service (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules,2015. Up to date Endt.No. 5408/2021 dt. 15/06/2021
Up to date Endt.No. 1198/2020 dt. 25/01/2020
The Chhattisgarh Judicial Officers (Confidential Rolls) Regulations, 2015. (a) No. 12571/Rules/2022 dt. 19/10/22
The Chhattisgarh Mediation Rules, 2015. (a) No. 3746/Rules/2016 Bilaspur, dt. 05/05/2016
(b) No. 14036/Rules/2022 Bilaspur, dt. 18/11/2022
The Chhattisgarh E-Court Fees Rules, 2015.
High Court of Chhattisgarh Rules, 2007 amended as on 14th July, 2015 (a) No. 6654/R.G./2015 dt. 24/08/15
(b) No. 7259/R.G./2015 dt. 11/09/15
(c) No. 5157/Rules/2016 dt. 08/07/16
(d) No. 6544/Rules/2016 dt. 08/08/16
(e) No. 10393/Rules/2016 dt. 26/12/16
(f) No. 101/Rules/2017 dt. 04/01/17
(g) No. 3251/Rules/2017 dt. 04/04/17
(h) No. 8587/Rules/2017 dt. 07/10/17
(i) No. 9410/Rules/2017 dt. 09/11/17
(j) No. 9757/Rules/2017 dt. 20/11/17
(k) No. 9040/Rules/2019 dt. 29/08/19
(l) No. 2255/Rules/2020 dt. 14/02/2020
(m) No. 12918/Rules/2021 dt. 20/12/2021
(n) No. 1039/Rules/2022 dt. 02/08/2022
(o) No. 12573/Rules/2022 dt. 19/10/2022
(p) No. 14034/Rules/2022 dt. 18/11/2022
(q) No. 14356/Rules/2022 dt. 26/11/2022
Transfer Guidelines/Policy Of The High Court Of Chhattisgarh - 2013
The Chhattisgarh High Court Lawyers chamber (Allotment & Occupacy) Rules, 2011
The Chhattisgarh Family Courts Rules, 2007 No. 686/162/XXI-B/C.G./15 dt. 22/01/15
Chhattisgarh Lower Judicial Service (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules,2006 (a) Amendment dt. 23/06/2021
(a) Amendment dt. 13/11/2020
(b) Amendment dt. 06/06/2020
(c) Up to date Endt.No. 795/2020 dt. 17/01/2020
(d) Up to date Endt.No. 1354/2019 dt. 27/11/19
(e) Up to date Endt.No. 706/2020 dt. 28/11/19
Chhattisgarh Higher Judicial Service (Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Rules, 2006. (a) Amendment dt. 23/06/2021
(a) Amendment dt. 06/06/2020
(b) Up to date Endt.No. 795/2020 dt. 17/01/2020
(c) Up to date Endt.No. 1354/2019 dt. 27/11/19
Chhattisgarh High Court, Right To Informatin Rules, 2005. 1) No. 9003/R.G./2013, dt 16/12/13
2) No. 8375/Rules/2020, dt 01/10/2020
3) No. 10706/Rules/2020, dt 11/12/2020
District Court, Right To Information Rules, 2005 1) No. 9003/R.G./2013, dt 16/12/13
2) No. 8377/Rules/2020, dt 01/10/2020
2) No. 10706/Rules/2020, dt 11/12/2020
District Court, Establishment Recruitment of Stenographer, Steno-typist and Assistant Grade -III Rules, 2005
Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority Rules, 2002. Up to date Endt.No. 1358/2019 dt. 27/11/19
The Chhattisgarh Commissioner of Oath Rules,1976 1) No. 9638/Rules/2017 dt. 15/11/17
2) Reg.m.No. 1039 dt. 23/01/2021 along with R.m.No.-10 dt.-02/01/2012, 2203 dt.-27/03/2012
The Chhattisgarh Civil Court Rules, 1961 1) No. 4928/Rules/2017 dt. 01/06/17
2) No. 7125/Rules/2022 dt. 16/06/22
The Chhattisgarh Civil Court Act, 1958. No. 7725/D-213/Pro/21-AC.G./16 dt. 12/08/16
The Court Fees Act, 1870. No. 1092/Rules/2018 dt. 01/02/18
The Chhattisgarh Rules and Order (Criminal) No. 9638/Rules/2017 dt. 15/11/17
No. 1528/Rules/2022 dt. 11/02/2022
No. 701/Rules/2023 dt. 18/01/2023
Rules pertaining to giving Canteen, Photocopying and Cycle Stand in District Courts, 2017.