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Other Headlines of 2022
Recruitment to the post of Private Secretary, on the establishment of the High Court of Gujarat.
Notice No. 5642/SCDSA/2022, Bilaspur dated 29th April 2022. (Regarding Senior Advocate)
Selection and Tabulation list of Class-IV employees who has been promoted to the post of AG-III.(Subject to the result of Writ Petition No. 1496/2022 of C.G. High Court, Bilaspur)
Regarding to depute one or more special sitting of Magistrates on the day of National Lok Adalat on 14th May 2022.
Regarding the VC coordinators list appointed for conducting the Court/Judicial proceeding through Video Conferencing.
Circular regarding Work Done by the Judicial Officers in the Cadre of HJS and LJS.
Circular No.4960/R.(J.)/2022 Bilaspur, dated 13th April, 2022.(Directions for placing the Order Sheet and Office Notes)
Regarding Pre-sitting of National Lok Adalat on 14th May 2022
Third International Conference on Mediation 9th-10th April, 2022.
Statement Showing the Case Clearance Rate of Chhattisgarh State.
Corrigendum regarding reservation percentage of Korba District.
Regarding recruitment post of District Judge in the Jharkhand Superior Judicial Services.
Regarding appointment of Remote Point Co-ordinator(Child Witness),Chhattisgarh State Legal Services Authority.
Order No. 152/2022, Bilaspur dated 24th February 2022.
Memorandum No. 2622/Checker/2022, Bilaspur dated 09th March 2022.
Notice No.26(Mis.)/2022 Bilaspur Dated 24th February, 2022.(Regarding examination for promotion)
Notification regarding Kerala Judicial Service exmination, 2022.
Regarding Pre-sitting of National Lok Adalat on 12th March 2022.
Combined Provisional Gradation List of Ministrial Officers and Employees of this Registry 2022.
Memorandum No. 747/Vig./2022, Bilaspur dated 27th January 2022.
Memorandum No. 745/Vig./2022, Bilaspur dated 27th January 2022.
Regarding schedule for organizing National Lok Adalat during the year 2022.
Advertisement for inviting online applications for the post of District Judge in the State of Maharashtra.